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Early Stage 1 - Stage 1

GO Native!

student looking through microscope

Native Flora and Fauna Program  

Students learn about native flora and fauna and our responsibilities as Custodians. Students investigate insects-their anatomy, habitat and survival techniques of insects using microscopes and live critters. They learn about botanical illustrations and create their own fauna artwork and learn about native animals and their threats.

  • STe-1WS-S ST1-1WS-S
  • STe-3LW-ST ST1-4LW-s
  • STe-6ES-S ST1-10ES-S
  • GEe-1 GE1-1 GE1-2
  • VAES1.1 VAS1.1 


Our World

Teacher making bubbles

Water and Weather

Students work Scientifically in with various  experiments highlighting the properties of water and Earth's weather. Hand's on day with authentic learning! If available, the students will investigate the catchment model, tracking our water supply from the sky to our taps. Students learn about the catchment and participate in a giant bubble making activity.

  • STe-1WS ST1-1WS-S
  • STe-2DP-T ST1-2DP-T
  • STe-4MW-ST ST1-6MW-S
  • STe-6ES-S ST1-10ES-S
  • GEe-1 GE1-1 GE1-2 



Need for Shelter

Birds Nests

Bunya the School Forest Fairy

Meet Bunya the School Forest Fairy as DEEC staff weave magic and wonder as we investigate animal shelters, take part in a treasure hunt, create bird nests and play games that highlight the plight of our native animals.

  • DRAES1.1
  • STe-3LW-ST ST1-4LW-S
  • STe-1WS-S ST1-1WS-S
  • STe-2DO-T ST1-2DP-T ST1-3DP-T 
  • GEe-1 GE1-1 GE1-2


Forest Party

Students looking over Rocky Creek Dam

Rocky Creek Dam

Students are led by DEEC staff through the Rocky Creek Dam platypus-discussing the Bundjalung Nation's use of plants in the past and the dam's history. Student's create a map of their walk using natural objects and film their mapped journey on iPads. Students take part in a Forest Party singalong, rainforest  sensory investigation and games that highlight the need to preserve the habitat of our native animals.

  • STe-3LW-ST ST1-4LW-S
  • STe-6ES-S ST1-10ES-s
  • STe-1WS-S ST1-1WS-S
  • GEe-1 GE1-1 GE1-2
  • MUES1.1 MUS1.1 


Wet and Dry



Students learn about insects - their importance, anatomy and habitat. They also observe parts of an insect under microscopes. They learn about the wonderful platypodes and then visit the nearby dam with binoculars to observe these amazing monotremes and conduct water quality testing. The day ends with students creating bug snack fun.


  • STe-3LW-ST ST1-4LW-S
  • STe-1WS-S ST1 1WS-S
  • GEe-1 GE1-1 GE1-2
  • VAES1.1 VAS1.1



Coastal Studies

Student investigating rock platforms

Offsite at Flat Rock, Ballina

Students visit Angels Beach in Ballina to investigate the tides and examine the rock platform. Students learn about our amazing migratory birds and use binoculars to identify species. We learn about Russell and Shelley and as custodians, conduct a marine debris clean up.


  • STe-1WS-S ST1-1WS-S ST2-1WS-S
  • STe-3LW-ST ST1-4LW-S ST2-5LW-T
  • STe-6ES-S ST1-10ES-S ST2-10ES-S
  • STe-2DP-T ST1-2DP-T ST2-2DP-T
  • GE2-1 GE1-1 GE1-2 GE2-1 GE2-2
  • VAES1.1 VAS1.1 VAS2.1 



Buzzy Bees

Wooden tree block with bees engraved on block

Get busy with bees, with a focus on native Australian bees. Investigate bee activity and habitat outside; learn about the fabulous diversity of bees, their biology and connections with humans; look at bee products  and create a pollinator patch or bee hotel.

  • STe-1WS-S, ST1-1WS-S
  • STe-2DPT, ST1-2DP-T, ST2-2DP-T
  • STe-3LW-S, ST1-4LW-S
  • ST2-5LW-T, ST1-5LW-T, ST1-6MW-S, 
  • STe-6ES-S
  • GE1-2 GE2-1

Cross curriculum subjects of Sustainable Education and Aboriginal Education are also a focus on the day.

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