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Stage 3

The following is an overview of Global environments, Survival walk, Coastal studies, Time and change and more. 

Jamie and Dylan

Global Environments (Rainforests)    

Sites: Minyon Falls, Rummery Park

Discover the history of the Big Scrub and learn about our local rainforests. Use a checklist and science equipment to identify the features of a rainforest. Take a beautiful walk through the forest and spend some quiet time exploring your creative side.

Leadership-Survival Walk    

Site: Rocky Creek Dam

Students participate in a guided walk at Rocky Creek Dam learning survival skills and identifying  medicinal / bushtucker plants. Employ basic orienteering and bush survival skills with an iBook. Consider the human impacts as the team walks through the water catchment area.


Take a trip down your local catchment.  Start at Rocky Creek Dam or Clarrie Hall Dam and test the water quality at a variety of locations downstream. Dip net for water bugs and discuss human impacts on catchments.

Coastal Studies                        

Site: Flat rock Ballina or Woody Head, Iluka

Investigate the coastal environment and learn how to conserve and protect coastal plants and animals. Use scientific investigations to answer questions such as ‘where does sand come from?' and ‘how do plants survive on our hot sand dunes?' Use binoculars to identify shore birds and discover the secrets of rock platform life. Demonstrate your creativity through sand modelling.

Upon request we can also organise for your students to be involved in helping Dune Care rehabilitate the dune.

History-Time and Change          

Site: Dorroughby EEC

The emphasis will be on the 1880s-way of life of the Cedar Getters and their families; how this changed the Bundjalung Nation's lives and the impact it had on Country. Students will be taken back to a bygone era to take part in activities like butter-making, role play, old schoolhouse etc.

A second day can be included where students meet an archaeologist, examine artifacts, take part in an actual dig and draw conclusions of bygone ways of life through analysis of finds.

There is an extra cost of $20 per student for the second day (Hire of Archaeologist) and needs a minimum of 20 students.

Science-Sustainable World        

Site: Dorroughby EEC

Students investigate the impact of climate change and take part in a food kms activity-creating their own environmentally responsible pizza. Tour a no-dig  garden and participate in planting and harvesting of vegetables. Screen print a reusable shopping bag.

Science-Dorrough Bugs              

Site: Dorroughby EEC

Immerse yourself in a role play – pre-visit invitation to an entomologist's conference. Catch and classify bugs in the field. Collect and log data for a Citizen Science project on aquatic invertebrates  and fight with a villain that is determined to destroy all the bugs at Dorroughby.

Science-Platypus Observation    

Site: Dorroughby EEC

Students visit neighbouring dam and learn about    platypodes.


Site: Rocky Creek Dam

Students use basic geographer's tools, such as maps, compasses and aerial photos to learn about a specific site. They investigate and create their own maps from natural objects.

Aboriginal Culture Day                  

Site: Dorroughby EEC

Students learn about local Bundjalung culture through use of yarning circles, artifacts, ochre painting,        Indigenous plant walk. They then create and share a bushtucker lunch.


Use iPads to create your own David Attenborough style  documentary in a natural environment. Full training and equipment provided.

National Parks

Become a ranger for a day and learn how to manage one of our World Heritage National Parks. Investigate plants and animals using field guides and binoculars on a discovery bushwalk.    

Energy Audit                                  

Site: Your school

How much energy does your school use each day? Dorroughby EEC will visit your school with our Sustainability Energy Trailer which is full of alternative energy and power saving devices such as solar panels and wind turbines. Students can conduct their own investigations into energy use with our energy audit calculator. We will help you to understand your energy bill and discuss how to make positive changes.

Water Lab                                        

Site: Dorroughby EEC

Students use science equipment to investigate the properties of H20; group work; lab equipment; data collection; science experiments; FUN!!!

Dairy Visit                                        

Site: Dorroughby EEC

If you are staying overnight at Dorroughby or have the ability to stay later we can organise a visit to the Dairy Farm on the property next door. This is a wonderful opportunity to see how the cows are milked and find out how a dairy works.Students have a chance to question a real life farmer.

Note: Only available at 3pm (milking time)


Stage 2-3 Day Prog Brochure (PDF 483KB)

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