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Secondary Programs

The following is an overview of Geography and Science stages and outcomes.


Investigating The World: 4G1

Changing Australian Communities: 5A2

Issues in Australian Environments: 5A3

Biophysical Interactions: 8.2.1

EcoSystems at Risk: 8.3.1


Stage 4

Exploiting Earth - Water As a Resource:  WS4, WS5.1, WS5.2 WS5.3 WS6, WS7.1, WS7.7, WS8, WS9, ES

Stage 5

Investigating the Local Environment: WS6, WS7.1, WS7.2, WS9, ES1, ES3, ES4, LW1, LW4, LW5

Alternative Energy: WS4, WS6, WS7.2, WS8, WS9, PW1, PW3

Stage 6

Biology – A Local Ecosystem: 8.2

Earth & Environmental Science 

The Local Environment: 8.3

Senior Science 

Local Environment: 8.5